Technology Consultation helps customers to successfully plan their Avaya Unified Communication and Contact Center solution design. We provide designs for large, complex implementations that involves multiple locations which will be deployed in multiple phases. Our consultant provides design for migration and technology replacement of complex enterprise solutions. We take requirements for advanced design techniques, follow best practices and address complex technology challenges.

BluCetus provides an Enterprise Architect who serves as a strategic advisor to the customer and leads the engagement from start to final design and documentation. Our Enterprise Architect will follow a proven programmatic process, that includes information or requirements gathering, information analysis, and design development. Our Services will be aligned with customer’s business and technical environment and will be provided remotely and onsite visits.

Technology Consultation includes:

Solution Audit, Solution design and Custom Package.

Solution Audit

  1. Discover, document architecture and configurations of existing deployed voice communication solution
  2. Audit covers Avaya Unified Communication and Contact Center Solution.
  3. Highlight technical gaps, issues and risks.
  4. Deliverables: Enterprise Overview Diagrams and Solution Audit documents.

Solution Design

  1. Solution Audit – capture existing solution details.
  2. Discover solution requirements from respective stakeholders
  3. Identify technology options.
  4. Provide detailed end to end design with phases.
  5. Provide Implementation Plan and govern the project from architecture perspective.
  6. Deliverables: Enterprise Overview Diagram, Application Overview Diagram, IPT Design Workbook, Dial Plan Design Workbook, IP Workbook, Site Readiness Diagram, System Configuration document and Solution Design document.

Custom Package

1. SIP Solution Design

  1. Design SIP enabled architecture.
  2. SIP Integration of different communication systems, Session Border Controllers and SIP gateways.
  3. Design for migration from existing digital trunks to SIP trunks from carrier.
  4. Design of SIP call routing for complex systems spread across multiple locations.
  5. SIP disaster recovery design.
  6. Deliverables: SIP solution diagram and SIP solution design document.

2. Dial Plan Design

  1. Provide design for consolidation of multiple systems into a centralized and simple dial plan.
  2. Analyse existing dial plan conflicts and provide solution.
  3. Location based routing design.
  4. Short and long digit dialing design.
  5. Design for numbering plan.
  6. Deliverables: Dial Plan design workbook and Dial Plan design document.

3. Traffic Analysis

  1. Collect and analyze traffic details from existing Avaya Communication Manager system
  2. Perform analysis on Occupancy, resource utilization, license utilization and system capacity.
  3. Provide recommendations for traffic related issues.
  4. Deliverables: Traffic Analysis Report document.