BluCetus helps organizations to manage their teams, operations, individual projects or more complex programs that improves consistency, reduces costs, and improves delivery in terms of time and budget.

We assist organizations in doing the right projects right – those projects with strategic alignment that make the best use of your organization’s time, talent, effort, and budget.

We offer management consultant to achieve business goals, recommend new systems, procedure or organizational changes and make recommendations to management through presentations or written reports.

Management Consultation includes…

Technical Management, Operations Management, Project Management

1. Technical Management:

  1. Ensure teams follow the correct procedure, process and documentation requirements for projects.
  2. Provide technical expertise, guide team through design, implementation, system integration and review completed work.
  3. Make quick decisions and solve technical problems during project implementation.
  4. Interview candidates and hire resources.
  5. Provide technical training teams when required and act as a technical mentor to team members.
  6. Ensure standard operating procedures and project guidelines are in place.
  7. Make presentations on project status, present reports to senior management.

2. Operations Management

  1. Manage and direct operations team to achieve business targets.
  2. Assist in developing or updating standard operating process and procedures for all business operational activities.
  3. Build strong relationship by addressing customer issues and complaints in a timely manner.
  4. Assist in employee appraisals, promotions, compensation and termination based on the performance review.
  5. Provide operational support and guidance to resources.
  6. Assist in interviewing, recruiting and training candidates.
  7. Manage work assignment and allocation for resources.
  8. Conduct performance review and provide performance feedback to resource.
  9. Maintain accurate and clear documentation for operational procedures and activities.
  10. Work in compliance with company policies and procedures.
  11. Ensure team follows standard operating procedures for all operational functions.
  12. Conduct regular meetings with team to discuss about issues, concerns, updates etc.

3. Project Management

  1. Manage lifecycle development of project using project management methodology and management tools.
  2. Develop with minimum support key documents specific to individual customer.
  3. Manage and complete all customer projects as contracted and within mentioned time, financial and quality criteria.
  4. Ensure execution and compliance of processes, methods and tools are within project remit.
  5. Manage and head responsibility for any matrix dependencies with other projects.
  6. Participate in all project related scheduled meetings.
  7. Define and implement metrics program for project performance monitoring and improvement.
  8. Ensure stakeholder expectations are satisfactorily met and review process.
  9. Provide results and leadership by complying with standard departmental policies, processes and documentation guidelines for delivery.
  10. Define and convey roles and responsibilities for project team members both functional and technical.
  11. Develop project plans, detailing work breakdown structures and critical path.
  12. Perform risk management planning, risk identification and mitigation planning related to IT project.
  13. Develop communication strategies and lead communications with senior executives and key stakeholders globally.