BluCetus Business Consulting Services are designed to help organizations successfully plan their Business function deployment. Our consultant serves as a strategic business advisor to Customer and lead the engagement from start to final delivery of project.

Our consultant will follow a process that includes information and requirements gathering, information analysis, and recommendation. Our services will be aligned with customer's business environment and will be provided remotely and on-site visit to Customer premises.

Stages of Business Consultation

Audit -> Analysis -> Recommendation

Business Audit

  • Assess the current environment.
  • Identify the primary objectives of the Business.
  • Facilitate discussions with customer through multiple workshops, meetings, conference calls and emails.
  • Identify and document the existing information related to all the areas that have challenges.
  • Capture the existing process and procedures on operation metrics.
  • Capture the existing data related to all the business functions.
  • Assessments or surveys and brainstorming will be conducted with stakeholders.
  • Collect existing documents.
  • Capture future objectives of the Business.

Business Analysis

  • Review and analyze the collected information on operation metrics.
  • Review the existing documents, process and procedures.
  • Record the observations, challenges and issues.
  • Identify the gaps that causes impact on the business.
  • Identity difference between business requirements and current business.

Business Recommendation

  • Provide recommendations on operation metrics based on the analysis from the captured data.
  • Formulate recommendations and solutions with attention to customer’s requirements, capabilities and limitations forming concise document.
  • Present findings and suggestions to customers with justification and advice.
  • Recommendation will have corrective measures to implement the changes.
  • Provide guidance to customer on recommendations.



  1. Existing Recruitment Process
  2. Pre-employment
  3. Interview Process
  4. Pre-employment verification
  5. Employment agreements
  6. Induction
  7. Current employment
  8. Ending employment
  9. Analyze captured information
  10. Provide recommendations


  1. Evaluate existing training programs
  2. Training requirements
  3. Training budget
  4. Training costs
  5. High level training plans
  6. Capability development programs
  7. Analyse captured information
  8. Provide recommendations


  1. Identify roles within organization
  2. Audit & capture existing skills
  3. Provide skillset matrix
  4. Analyse captured information
  5. Provide recommendations


  1. Capture Utilization reports
  2. Calculate Billable & Non-Billable Utilization
  3. Capture timesheets entered for projects
  4. Analyse captured information
  5. Provide recommendations


  1. Capture Project details
  2. Capture Project values
  3. Classify type of projects
  4. Team’s involvement in Projects
  5. Analyse captured information
  6. Provide recommendations


  1. Capture Processes based on Projects
  2. Capture Processes based on Project delivery
  3. Analyse captured information
  4. Provide recommendations


  1. Capture documents based on Projects
  2. Capture documents based on Project delivery
  3. Analyse captured information
  4. Provide recommendations


  1. Capture existing delivery team structure
  2. Capture delivery issues
  3. Analyse captured information
  4. Provide recommendations
  5. Define Delivery Team Objectives & structure